My first “yoga class” experience was with Rodney Yee (in youtube) in 2003. Since then, I practised yoga sporadically with youtube videos (Sadie Nardini is my favorite) but never made it to a yoga studio. I am not an active person. I suffer from neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, which gives me more excuses to not be active.

Yoga seemed like an “easy exercise” for me so I could claim that I had a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercises. I finally walked into Inner Peace Yoga in 2014 when a friend recommended me to take a Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) workshop. The CAT workshop was life-changing for me. Lower back pain is now a history for me. I become more interested in using yoga as a pain management tool – both physical and emotional pain.

To me, yoga is a way to establish a healthy relationship with our mind and our body. With mindful and intelligent movements, we begin to understand, explore, and even take risk to challenge our boundaries. Yoga has taught me to simply enjoy the process without judgement and anxiety.

I am grateful for all my yoga teachers and I look forward to see you all at the studio!

About Us


We are located on the 2nd floor and there is an elevator for wheel chair accessibility or for those who can not use stairs.