My name is Florence, my first experience with yoga was in university as a way to get in shape. The physical aspect of yoga drew me in but I did not connect to its holistic nature and I was not consistent in attending classes. I regularly went to aerobic classes and became passionate enough to become an instructor and I now teach and train all over the city. A few years later a started to crave relaxation and needed something to restore my body so I could continue fresh and energetic for every class. I restarted my yoga practice and fell in love.

The physical challenges of the poses build strength and flexibility, but connecting with the breath reminds me to focus on the internal and be kind to the body. I believe yoga can be for anyone, but it may require an open mind, practice, and the wiliness to give what the body needs rather than what the ego wants. My intent is to provide the balance between mind, body, and spirit in order to help others feel better than when they first entered the studio.

About Us


We are located on the 2nd floor and there is an elevator for wheel chair accessibility or for those who can not use stairs.