Rise and Shine
One hour flow yoga class designed to start your morning out right. Suitable for all levels.

Level 1 Flow - Beginner Flow
These classes provide a safe environment for new and beginning students to learn the correct form of the basic yoga postures. Basic postures are the building blocks of a healthy yoga practice. No experience or flexibility required.

Multi Level Flow
A moderately paced class which builds core strength, flexibility, and a calm nervous system. The postures are presented in a more challenging way and with more variations. Introduction and use of back bends, shoulderstands and inversions.

Level 2 - Power Flow
A challenging class for those with an ongoing yoga practice. Advanced postures and methods of practice will be introduced. Intermediate backbends and inverted poses are regularly practiced. Students will find these classes creative, challenging and stimulating. Not suitable for beginners.

Yoga 4 Backs - The Black Strap
Release your back, shoulder and neck pain through the subtle movement of the spine giving you relaxation and full body mobility. Ideal for beginners - no experience needed.

YIN [athletes & open]
This class emphasizes restful and semi-active poses aimed at opening the body, balancing energy and boosting immune functions - no experience necessary.

Gentle Flow
Balance mind and body through gentle postures, controlled breathing and meditation. Excellent for seniors and beginners.

Prenatal Yoga
This class is for any mamma to be and their support team. This class will assist in creating space, empowering mamma, and preparing students for child birth. Dancing, singing, stretching and gaining strength in body, mind and spirit.

Mamma and Baby Classes
Mamma and baby yoga explores the developing relationship between caregiver and child. The classes will be very engaging with breathing techniques, touch therapy, massage, singing and many more exercises to stimulate your baby as well as tone your body, spirit and mind. Classes are open to babies 0-12 months of age.

Intuitive Yoga - The Scaravellie Approach
A Scaravelli-inspired approach to yoga helps us resist the urge to force and intimidate the body into textbook 'yogic' asanas. We ask the mind and ego to get out of the way; we observe, and we are aware, releasing expectations, and discarding old and unhealthy habits. We explore what the body itself can accomplish when we free it to function and move as it has evolved, or was created to do. Vanda Scaravelli's way was to strive less, in order to get what is really needed from a yoga practice. Her approach to working asks us to do only less. It sounds gratifying, and it really is; it’s also a little odd, and fun.

About Us


We are located on the 2nd floor and there is an elevator for wheel chair accessibility or for those who can not use stairs.