Critical Alignment Therapy is a logical and highly effective way of working with any back/shoulder/hip pain, injury, or poor movement pattern. An excellent option for repetitive strain injuries, lower back injuries, postural (i.e. 'sitting at a desk') pain, and as a way to increase your sports performance.

Using a process that incorporates movement towards active exercises, C.A.T. creates a release from the tension and strain caused by injury or stress held in our muscles. This release can then travel through into our spine where the postural muscles are activated and reinvigorated, bringing ease and lightness into our movements and lives.

Critical Alignment Therapy was created and researched through Gert van Leeuwen over the last 30 years at his Bharata Yoga Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Click here to read an article written up at the European School of Physiotherapy regarding Critical Alignment Therapy vs. Physiotherapy when working with chronic non-specific lower back pain.

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