Well, it all started when I developed a very strong case of Meniere's disease ( an inner ear disease that is much like vertigo but worse). After months and months of seeing the specialist and trying some of the exercises that he provided me to try to get my balance back I was finding nothing was helping....

I was off caffeine, salt and trying every exercise provided by him and nothing was changing and the disease seemed to take a stronger toll on me, the more stress I had, the worse it was as well. There came a point when I wanted to just die and maybe that would be better than living my life with this terrible disease.

Then I decided to try yoga, at first I felt it was making things worse and that's when I almost quit. My specialist encouraged me to stick with it for a little while to see if anything would change. Well, boy did it ever.....I am so happy that he encouraged me to stick to it. After a couple of months I stared to notice that my balance was coming back......and after 4 months, I never had one trace of my disease any more!!!! I have lost over 45 pounds and have fully received my life back! I used to suffer from severe migraines (ever since I was a child) and haven't had one migraine ever since starting yoga! Not to mention I feel and look younger, I have more energy and there is nothing that I cannot handle as far as stress goes. I no longer get stresed or worried about things. I used to be a big thinker/worry wart..... its amazing what I can handle now.

Yoga has given me the tools to cope and keep a calm mind.

Now, my mission is to show you all what your mind and body is capable of. Leave all excuses behind and get on a mat that's all it takes. At first when doing yoga it becomes a physical exercise, your body will change in ways you never could imagine. Then the mind starts to feel a calm as well as it starts to touch your soul. Yoga is Change. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual change.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Yoga is for everyone, the young, the old, the fit, the overweight, the flexible, the non flexible, men, woman, youth, and people suffering from disease. Yoga is a life long companion that will help support you in all the stages of your life. Yoga can help us find freedom, freedom from our aches and pains, our fears, our agitation, and our sense of separateness. Yoga brings a feeling of connection - to ourselves and to the larger community of men and woman.

An on going yoga practice has a lot to offer no matter what stage of your life you are in. Physically, it can help to improve your strength, flexibility , and balance, and to address specific problems such as PMS, back pain, hot flashes, or poor digestion. Yoga can bring a spiritual and emotional element to your life. It requires that you focus exclusively on the present moment, which can help clear your mind and bring you a sense of peace. Daily practice can lift your spirits, give you a valuable boost of energy, and provide you the time you need to make thoughtful, careful choices.

Yoga can become you're companion for life - something to sustain you when you are well, shore you up when you're depressed, and support you when you are sick. Yoga can teach you to love yourself from the inside out. It will remind you each time you step on your mat that you are perfect exactly the way you are.

Please join me in finding your Inner Peace.

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